LGBT Friendly Cruises

Cruise Lines are working really to make their product LGBT friendly and recently cruise lines have won awards for their support and recognition of the LGBT traveller.

Same Sex Holidays work extremely close with these liners and can advise you which one would be great for your next holiday! Whether your looking for couples relaxation time, party, or just simply to explore and see some beautiful destinations.

Which Cruise Line?

Every cruise line offers something different and we want to make sure you choose the right cruise line.

What’s Included?

Generally most liners are full board and then your drinks payable on top. A lot of companies now do special offers where you get the all inclusive FREE if you book early. Most of the entertainment is also included. If your travelling with some of the more luxury liners they tend to include most things as standard.

What’s Extra?

The extras to pay for would be spa treatments, excursions and also your gratuities for the crew. This doest apply to certain luxury lines which we can advise on.

Where to go

With cruising the world is your oyster! So many destinations are covered and the best thing is that you can be in a different place every single day of your holiday. As cruising is worldwide it pretty much covers everywhere. Some of the most popular destinations are; Europe, The Caribbean, South America, Asia, Australia, USA & Canada.